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We are a team of experienced engineers, designers and project managers, ready to help you build and deploy your custom web and mobile applications.

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You bring the idea and we bring our skills, experience and passion to materialize it in a professional manner.

Software Consulting
Extensive analysis and discovery, architecture

We provide early stage consulting for requirements gathering, finding the best technical solutions for the next implementation phase. With extensive analysis and discovery we make good decisions on solid assumptions.

Proof of Concept (POC)
Mockups and Wireframes, functional demo applications

Before going to investors and potential customers, companies might want to have a running POC of the idea that they are trying to build, in order to impress and set the stage for an ongoing strong business.

Database Design
On-premises & Cloud Database design

With expertise in designing and maintaining database systems that are working on both on-premises and cloud infrastructures (Azure, AWS, MongoDB Atlas). Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL. MongoDB and Couchbase.

Custom Application Development
Web & Mobile Application Development

We believe that information is power and a powerful product must be accessible from any device and place that is connected to the internet. We have great expertise in creating web and mobile applications by using cutting edge technologies and proven industry standards.

Project Management
Agile, SCRUM, Kanban

We are using appropriate project management methodologies for your business, together with solid and proactive communication to efficiently get projects done. Working together, we adopt a value-driven approach in accelerating the delivery of quality projects.

Quality Assurance
Software testing, testing automation, test plan

We believe that success in any software development process is dependent on how well you test the application, therefore we provide a full spectrum of testing services through a mix of solid technical competence, testing technologies and frameworks.

Our Process

We believe that building and transforming a great idea into an awesome product requires a well defined process.


Ideas & Initial discovery

We begin by understanding and evaluating your ideas, the associated business domain and the needs that will be fulfilled by your product. We then address relevant questions to prepare for getting a Requirements and Specification document.


Requirements & Design

We extract specific requirements and we translate them into specifications for features that are going to be built. We then help you to create a first visual representation of your product by using mockups and wireframes. Now, our architects and developers will pick the right technical stack for your product.



We create a project plan for the delivery of your product. This will be usually divided in versions and sprints. Here, we also discuss about timeline, budgets, risks, resources and role based responsibilities. Together, we now agree on a tool that can help us execute and track this project plan. We usually go for JIRA, but we can also work with: Basecamp, Trello, Asana, the classic Redmine and even simple Excel spreadsheets for tiny projects.


Development & Delivery

Having the specifications and the planning in place we now start the actual development using the agreed technical stack. Very important here is to early establish and execute an appropriate CI/CD pipeline that can automate as much as possible all the manual build and delivery steps. This will help us focus on what really matters - developing quality software, compliant with solid programing principles, design patterns and industry standard approaches.


Test & Validate

This is the part where the entire system is tested and validated. Working in sprints allows us to have a test/validation process after each step that will give us the chance to fix the possible issues during the development stage but after a version is ready to be published we need a general testing process.


Go Live & Support

This part of the process where the app is published. After the app is live, we can identify some things that we can do to improve the performance - based on user usage, server usage etc.

About Us

Created in 2015, TookTech Web Technologies is a young company based in Timisoara, Romania. It was started by two tech enthusiasts sharing a common background, being also great friends.

Our core competencies and expertise were taught in 10+ years of programming and technical challenges. We can truly understand that developing a software product is not just about writing lines of code. To be able to deliver a valuable product you have to be capable of understanding the purpose of the product, the market, the exact needs that will be fulfilled and last but not least the associated challenges.

Here at TookTech, we are developing software solutions for SMEs from various business domains (AI, banking, big data, consumer services, education, health, legal, property management, retail, social media) from all parts of the world. We are also helping businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the high profiled Cloud technologies.

Why Choose Us?

Shortly said : We get the job DONE.

Through excellent communication and technical expertise, we build a trustfully relation with our clients, helping them to rich their business goals.

Through a variety of high quality services from business analyze and concept design to full stack application development, quality assurance and support.

Below are some of the benefits you will have if you choose us:

  • Professional and High Quality services

  • A committed team to fit your needs

  • Proactive attitude towards your ideas

  • Products that are reliable and create impact

  • Realistic milestones

  • Quality over quantity

  • Fair fees for the value delivered

  • Integrity

Andrei Eugen Tut
CEO & Co-Founder
Madalin Plastoi
CTO & Co-Founder
Robert Avram
Full-Stack Developer
Paula Pitileac
Web & Mobile Developer
Denisa Timis
Full-Stack Developer
Mihai Ilie
Junior Software Developer
Andreea Stoica
Junior Software Developer, QA
Silvia Magurean
Full-Stack Developer
Miriam Paranici
Office Manager

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